Changing Dimensions

When doubling the dimensions of Carlos, for perimeter, you only use the scale factor once, but for the area, you use the┬áscale factor twice. The scale factor has to be two to double the dimensions. When tripling Carlos, the scale factor must be three, and you use the┬áscale factor once for the perimeter to triple […]

Powerful Supporters

” My father’s words of praise have always been the most precious thing to me,” says Malala from the text ” I am Malala”. People supporting each other is special because they may be the only one supporting them. Others assistance can be vigorous because it helps them to know that they aren’t alone. It […]

Earth Day

Everyone can help Earth not be polluted An amazing planet shouldn’t be dirty Ready to recycle The world should be a nice place for everyone Helping Earth is what we should do   Days should be nice on Earth Are you helping Earth be a better place? Yearly we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd