Powerful Supporters

” My father’s words of praise have always been the most precious thing to me,” says Malala from the text ” I am Malala”. People supporting each other is special because they may be the only one supporting them. Others assistance can be vigorous because it helps them to know that they aren’t alone. It also helps them to fight for what they believe in, even if it’s difficult.

Support is dynamic because it helps the person to know they aren’t alone. For example, Malala, a young girl from a poor country, Pakistan, had millions of people supporting her before she was injured, along with three other girls, by the Taliban. Even though she was shot, she continued to make speeches because of her encouragement others gave towards her. If I was her I would not have kept speaking out against the Taliban. I think Malala is who she is today because of the people helping her go against the Taliban and help her to make a difference in the world. When I make horrible mistakes my supporters don’t make fun of me but tell me that they’ve been there, too. Our terrific supporters are what get us through our tough times. They help us to not fear everything, but to pursue and battle for everything.

Fighting for what you believe in requires encouragement from others. It is crucial to fight for what you believe in, having supporters makes it 10 times easier. Because Malala had many amazing supporters, being brutally shot wasn’t going the break her. Most people in life have supporters, but some people don’t. People who do have supporters will have an easier time fighting, unlike people who go through things alone. Malala fought for what she believed in but ended up getting shot. She didn’t let that stop her. Her supporters helped her by encouraging her and helping her stand up to the malicious Taliban. Malala had supporters and fought for what she believed in, similarly, we have supporters when we fight for what we believe in, also. An amazing young girl who stood up for what she believed in inspired millions of young children everywhere.

When you are fighting for what you believe in while you have fantastic supporters is a lot easier than when you don’t. Having supporters makes a ginormous divergent in your life. When you have people supporting you, you almost never feel forsaken. Malala had millions of supporters from all around the world. Her fans are what kept her tenacious.

Earth Day

Everyone can help Earth not be polluted

An amazing planet shouldn’t be dirty

Ready to recycle

The world should be a nice place for everyone

Helping Earth is what we should do


Days should be nice on Earth

Are you helping Earth be a better place?

Yearly we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd

Child Labor

I think that child labor was terrible. I think that they should have had shorter hours. They shouldn’t have to work until they are adults. I also think that they should give them days off when they are sick. The kids shouldn’t have to go through all of that. They should be able to go to school. I am glad that I am able to not have to work but to have an education.


If I could be in one of the three branches of government, I would chose the Legislative Branch and be a Senator. A Senator creates laws, approve or reject treaties, and debates over the creation or update of laws. There are 2 Senators in each state, so 100 in total. Senator are elected every 6 years. To be a Senator, you must be over 30 years old and have lived in the United States for 9 or more years.